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Serving Niche Markets including Auto Transport and Wine Tasting Events

Creating Consulting Services includes Video Production, Blogging and Writing

Dispatching Services includes Booking Loads and YouTube Video Tutorials

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Creative Mobile Consulting LLC offers Creative Consulting Services including (but not limited to):

Company Content Research and Review
Idea Brainstorming and Storytelling
Strategic Creative Planning
Blogging, Article and SEO Writing
Email Marketing and Improvement
Website and Social Media Content Creation
Photography and Videography
Editing and Post Production
Project Management
Editorial Calendar Scheduling

Creative customizations we are most accustomed to providing, include: Website, Blog, Email, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. We are purely content creators, but we can also be hired to work alongside Web Designers, Illustrators, Technical Developers, and Coders (as we do not provide those specific services as part of our custom and practice).

Our fees are structured by the billable hour - like an agency, consultant or independent contractor. For any creative consulting service listed, we charge $50 per hour.

We understand that we work in a creative business and we want our clients to be happy, so we always stand by all of our work. We are also very aware that if you conduct an online service comparison, you can find some lower rates; but ultimately, we know it's the impact, quality, and longevity of the content and relationship that proves the real value of our product and service. In our experience, quality online content regularly provides more than five years of return on investment.


"Timing Is Everything...and Communication Is Key."

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"Quality Online Content Often Provides Five Years Return On Investment."

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Creative Mobile Consulting LLC offers Dispatching Services including (but not limited to):

Carrier Company Profile Review
Load Board Profit Planning
Broker Set Up and Compliance Assistance
Certificate of Insurance Requests
Route Scouting and Load Building
Vehicle Booking and Verification

Unit Pay Rate Negotiation
Daily Communication and Information Updates
Online Dashboard and Drive App Troubleshooting
Always Planning For The Next Trip

Being a car hauler is tough work - but doing it without a dispatcher is even tougher. Between loading, unloading, and driving (and all of the logistics in between) the last thing an owner-operator has time to think about is the critical minute it takes to miss that perfect great paying load.

However, an experienced dispatcher with reliable equipment sitting alert in front of a computer from early morning until early evening essentially gaurantees that same auto transport business owner a 100% increase in chance of success of calling and securing that great transport order.

If you've been searching for that dispatcher to help you take your business to the next level, Auto Transport Intel is your solution. We only charge 7% of every load we book and you succussfully deliver. Your customers are yours and we are here to answer your questions - and help you stay loaded.

DISPATCHING SERVICES: 7% of every load booked

"Always Watching For Loads And Figuring Out The Puzzle."

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Contact: Jay W. | Phone: 816.979.1775 | Email: